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SeQuring tomorrow's future, today.

The Future of Cybersecurity

At Quantized Technologies Inc. (QTi), we are driven by a passion for advancing the field of quantum communications and securing communication networks from threats. 

QTICrypt product family

We understand that in order for quantum technologies to be truly useful to society, they should be practical and scalable. As part of the QTICrypt™ family, we are offering QuSera, the next generation of quantum-based cybersecurity solution that is not only quantum-based but also quantum-secure. Our technology provides unprecedented and reliable security, cost-efficiency, user-network scalability, and a streamlined path to certification compared to basic QKD systems.

Superior Security

Superior Security

Not only is our technology invulnerable to computational attacks, but it is also robust against quantum hardware attacks.

Cost-efficient and Scalable

Cost-efficient and Scalable

Our solution connects end-users via a central node using a star-type architecture. Costly detection hardware is only needed at the central node, rather than at each end-user location, resulting in cost-efficient scaling of the user-network.

Validation and Certifcation

Validation and Certification

A streamlined path to validation and certification provides peace of mind to governments and customers who require the highest level of security for their sensitive data.

Why Us?

QTi envisions a transformation of digital communication through the development and widespread adoption of relevant quantum technologies, giving society quantum-based solutions to real-world problems. Our mission is to redefine the way the world communicates by providing solutions that offer a quantum advantage in meeting societal needs. We tackle society's largest information, network, and security challenges, solving them at the smallest (quantum) scale.

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