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Light Strokes

Our Vision

QTi™ envisions redefining and transforming digital communication to create an interconnected world that provides quantum advantage for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable secure quantum networks and protect classical network communications, even against sophisticated quantum and AI threats, solving the world’s largest network challenges at the smallest (quantum) scale.

As an agile venture in the field of quantum cryptography, we are uniquely positioned to move quickly and respond to market changes and provide solutions to societal demand. Our current focus is on the development and commercialization of our next-generation quantum-secure technology.

Our flexibility, collaboration with other stakeholders, and the ability to attract top talent in the field of quantum communication and cryptography, enable us to pivot quickly and make important decisions without being hindered by burdensome internal processes. Our deep technical expertise also enables us to develop and deploy solutions with sophistication and speed.

Agile Development

Product Offering

QuSera™ will change the world by enabling practical and scalable quantum-secure data exchange with unprecedented security. In the context of quantum networks, our technology will also serve as untrusted nodes for quantum entanglement distribution, enabling secure quantum networks and eventually a quantum Internet.


Our solution allows current classical networks to securely transfer data, despite the threat of quantum computation and AI. QuSera™ technology offers performance improvements and other advantages over competing quantum-resistant and quantum-proof cryptographic systems, such as superior security, increased cost-efficiency, and streamlined certification.

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