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QTICrypt product family

Classical cryptography has long used mathematical algorithms and techniques to secure sensitive information sent over communication networks. However, with the development of quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques, traditional cryptographic techniques are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks. It is time to overhaul old systems and modernize in the quantum era.

At QTi, we consider a practical and scalable solution that is based on advanced Quantum Key Distribution protocols to be the next generation of commercial quantum-secure solution. Advantages of such a solution include superior security, cost-efficiency, scalability, and streamlined validation and certification. As an initial offering in the QTICrypt product family, we are building QuSera, a quantum-secure hardware solution that implements next-generation quantum cryptography. Our solution secures communication networks against even the most sophisticated attacks, and we are committed to making this cutting-edge technology accessible to a wide range of users.


Superior security

Not only is QuSera invulnerable to computational attacks, but it is also more secure than traditional QKD products. Our solution is designed to be secure even if the devices used to measure the quantum signals are compromised, and it is, therefore, robust against hacking attacks to which basic QKD systems are vulnerable. Meet with us to learn more.

Cost-efficient and scalable

Our solution connects end-user nodes across the network via a central detection node, using a star-type topography. Its star-type architecture results in QuSera™ requiring costly detection hardware only at the central node, rather than at each end-user location. Our solution is, therefore, more cost-efficient when scaling up the user-network than is traditional QKD. Additionally, our product can be implemented using existing optical fiber infrastructure, so there is no need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

Validation and Certification

QuSera™ does not depend on secure detection hardware, which reduces the risk of hardware vulnerabilities or bugs that might otherwise compromise the system’s security. The architecture of our solution negates the need for critical validation of the detection hardware, making it a natural target for certification and standardization, and consequently a more reliable and secure alternative to traditional QKD. This property of QuSera™ enables streamlined validation and certification by standardization agencies around the world, and provides peace of mind to governments and customers who require the highest level of security for their sensitive data.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our solution not only manages the encryption key produced by our own quantum hardware, but it also integrates and manages encryption key from other vendors' QKD hardware, as well. Going up the network stack, our solution integrates seamlessly into existing classical network infrastructure.

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